16 March 2011

Make up for those who wear glasses

A mistake that many women who wear glasses make is to exaggerate the amount of eye makeup. Here are some tips that will enhance the eyes, even behind lens.

If you are nearsighted, your eyes appear smaller through the glasses. In this case it is better to opt for kohl eye shadow. Apply eye pencil and cream eye shadow shades along the upper and lower lashes, spread eye shadow over the eyelid in copper, rose or biscuit tones; and apply very black mascara: the effect is bigger eyes.

11 March 2011

Stop oily hair

Sick of having greasy, flat hair almost every day? Even washing your hair everyday doesn’t help? Do not stress, it's not that complicated, here are some tips to smooth, shiny hair.

Here are some tips to avoid washing your hair too often, and get rid of oily hair:

Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment
There are many hair care treatments to straighten your hair. Keratin hair treatment is a ground-breaking way of grooming your hair. This treatment is particularly beneficial for those with curly hair. There are many ways in which hair damage can occur, or it may be genetic. Many people work in the sun or around pollution that damages your hair. This treatment will not only straighten your hair, but also protect it from harmful sun rays and pollution.

10 March 2011

Get rid of dark circles under the eyes - 10 tips

Dark circles are due to a poor blood circulation around the eyes.

You try sleeping and resting but nothing seems to work.These rings are often caused by a lack of sleep but there may be various for these rings such as:
- Blood circulation
- Smoking or alcohol
- Age / Heredity
- Food

You can hide them with makeup, but as they say, “prevention is better than cure”, rather deal with the problem than the symptoms.
Here are some tips and remedies to get rid of these dark rings:

Scarlett Johansson: eyeliner

Scarlett Johansson

Stars always inspire trends in makeup. Copy this look:

> The trend:
Eyeliner will stretch and refine all eyes this spring / summer 2011! It is back in full force with kohl shade pencils and mascara for a romantic look.

Lauren Conrad: Varnish highlights

Lauren Conrad

Stars always inspire trends in makeup. Copy this look:

> The trend:
The nail varnish will follow the trends of Colorama lips; we choose daring, flashy and dark colours. What is the main trend this season? Pearly or shimmering varnishes are in.

> Beauty tip:

Leighton Meester: dark lipstick

Leighton Meester
Stars always inspire trends in makeup. Copy this look:

> The trend:
Although the Colorama trend is very popular on our lips this summer, dark colours are now creeping into the makeup trend for Spring / Summer 2011.

Beyonce: flashy lipstick

Stars always inspire trends in makeup. Copy this look:


> The trend:
This summer lipstick is colourful, flashy, and consistent. The bright colours will not only be seen in our wardrobe, but will also be seen on our lips. We will see ultra-matte chic lipstick.

Blake Lively: nude make up

Blake Lively

Stars always inspire trends in makeup. Copy this look:

> The trend:
When we think of "nude makeup”, we think it won’t be difficult to imitate this look as minimal make up is needed.
You’re wrong! It takes some skill to apply nude make up, to achieve the healthy, natural look.

Drew Barrymore: orange blush

Stars always inspire trends in makeup. Copy this look:

> The trend:
This orange blush is a new spring trend.

The bright cheeks will brighten up your face and give you that healthy summery glow. This trend is suitable for all skin types from light to dark, but you must pay attention in selecting the right shade of blush that suits you!

Quick makeup

Without make-up and out the door, because you have limited time? It's really not necessary. Here are some quick-fix makeup applications.
Quick makeup

One minute
You've overslept and you really have no time to apply makeup. Yet you'd rather go without make-up than be late. Fortunately, you can also look good in one minute.

The landmarks of your face are your eyes and your mouth. Your eyes may take too much time, so just apply a coat of black mascara. Mascara lengthens; colors and curls your lashes, giving your eyes expression. And it takes just 15 seconds to do.

09 March 2011

High Heels: very trendy!

Jimmy Choo high heels

In Italy they are called "Scarpino" - meaning: small shoe, in France they are "escarpin", elegant high-heeled shoes known as "Pumps," "High Heels" and "Stilettos". No matter what term we use: We simply love shoes heels.

The fashion of the “high heel cult” originated in Europe many centuries ago, high heels have evolved over the centuries, but they are still the epitome of female sensuality.

Fantastic colours and quality materials have transformed and brought out new variants of the beloved high heels.

Fashion 2011

What's in? What are the fashion trends for 2010/2011? What was in fashion last year? Summer pleats, safari looks and spring-like prints- everything that is indicative of holidays. This year, fashion is suitable for everyday use, with a single-colour or patterned top and jeans.
The ideal accessories are extravagant handbags and matching shoes. If you have opted for this combination, you shouldn’t overdo the jewellery as it will only get lost in this combination. And the sporty direction is impressive this year: fine materials in smart combinations.
An absolute must this season is high heels and subtle make-up. Again, the accessories are very important. Handbags and jewellery are exactly the same - XXL.

Hair extensions

Why do we use them?
Hair extensions are used to make our hair appear longer or thicker.

Long hair is all the rage
Hair is probably the most feminine feature on a woman. Long hair gives women more sex appeal and allows more variation in the hairstyles we choose. However, you shouldn’t opt for extensions that are too long, as it adds weight to our own hair.

08 March 2011

Gucci handbags

Gucci handbag
Gucci handbags are world renowned for their high quality materials. They also have a timeless classic look without the functionality.

Many women love shopping for handbags and love to keep up with the latest trend. The brands will decide the status of a person. Gucci handbags are the most prestigious brands that offer a stylish, fashionable and sexy look. Worldwide, women love Gucci bags. Gucci handbags are among the best friends of a woman.

Gucci bags are durable, very elegant and in fashion, they suit your pride and confidence.

High heels

Since the beginning of time, women and high heels have had a conflicting relationship: love and hate – these two emotions come together with one another whenever we are wearing a pair of beautiful shoes with a nice high heel. Yet it seems that we can not help it, heels equal femininity and seduction, and nobody is able to resist a pair of high-heeled shoes. The allure of high heels, not only affects us women with our love of wearing them, but also allows men to admire them, giving women in high heels an enchanting elegance.

Yet despite the numerous visual qualities that women love about high heels, there is always a love / hate every time we wear them. We love them for their beauty, the way they give our walk elegance and add shape to our figure, but often, we end up hating them because of the blisters, calluses, sprains and painful inflammation they cause. Let's face it, after a long day in heels, we come home in pain.

Types and methods of bikini waxes

> Methods of bikini hair removal

This is the most common method. Especially painful the first time, it is nevertheless very effective. The hair and its root are removed. Results: hair free for 3 weeks. The new hair that grows back will be softer, finer and future applications of wax will be easier.

-Depilatory/ hair removal cream
Completely painless method, but can cause irritation or vaginal infections: the chemical components of depilatory creams are harmful to the balance of the mucous membranes if they come into contact with the lips. Use sparingly!

How to make your hair grow faster

It's difficult to acquire fast hair growth without using hair extensions.

Understanding how the hair grows
The hair has a lifespan. Strands are constantlyrenewed  in cycles within our lives.

Take good care of your hair to stimulate its growth
How can you make your hair grow faster when hair growth is undermined by everyday life such as unhealthy diets, weather, pollution and products that we use? To stimulate excellent hair growth, you must first care for your hair.

Some tips:

07 March 2011

Choosing earrings for your face shape

Have you ever heard of facial contouring? No? To explain simply, it is a set of techniques and tips that highlight the beauty of a face. Some stylists, hairdressers and optometrists are considered beauticians as they undergo morph psychology training, in addition to their respective specialties. This training consists of learning the faces and gestures to understand the behaviour. Knowing the shape of the face, it can help to choose a proper haircut, a pair of glasses, a style or earrings according to the face shape.
This year earrings are in different colours or plain silver. Large rings, rectilinear shapes, or patterns are in fashion, but also beads for a more discreet look, these are all classic earrings that match any outfit.

Nail Polish: Trends of 2011

Varnish: dark tones
If last summer, the trend colours were too bright for your liking, this winter, the major trends are between bright and darker tones. Gone are the gleaming flashy varnishes like pink or electric blue. Tones are now more appropriate for winter. Thus we propose 2 different trends: the bright and dark to changeover from summer 2010.

We love the Chanel polish, it comes in 2 colours: pink jade to dark. You choose according to your tastes. At Giorgio Armani, one apprehends colder colours with dark tones like teal and black cherry. For French manicure fans, there are other ways besides the classic version.

Hair straightener mistakes to avoid

Flat ironing on wet hair
Drying the hair is one of the secrets to using this type of hairstyling. Not only will your hair be smooth when its dry, but it will also look healthy. This is because the smoothing with the straightener damages the hair if it is still wet. Note it is preferable to dry the hair naturally rather than using the dryer.

Abuse of the straightening iron

Make up brushes and how to use them

Use advantage of using brushes to facilitate application of makeup, is thatit allows you to take the right amount of product with a more consistent application.

Makeup brushes
Finding the right brush among the multitude of accessories can sometimes be a difficult task.
Choose the type of bristle (natural or synthetic), size and shape.

What criteria are important for a good makeup brush?
Choosing brushes is dependant on the area to make up.
The goal is that you have one that matches the makeup you want to do.
To choose the perfect brush, make sure it is soft but not too soft.

High heels

High heels are a very strong feminine symbol because they refine the figure and make feet look beautiful. For some women, wearing high heels can be challenging, but I’ll give you all the tricks to learn to walk and how to wear them.

Walking with heels
- Adopt a systematic step. To walk in heels, you have to sway the hips as if you scroll down to find your balance. But this must be done gracefully.
- Training. On a small path, somewhere you feel comfortable and confident.
- Choosing the right height. Heels come in many heights. Anything over 9 inches is too arched for beginners and you will feel unbalanced. The correct height is about 5 or 6 cm.
- It is the stability of the shoe that counts. When trying them on, your foot should not tremble. Your knees should not bend too much either. Choose a slightly square heel and a platform that offers a good arch.

Smokey eye make up

Smokey eyes in a few simple steps
How many times have we admired or envied the gorgeous eyes of actresses and models, that as if by magic seem bigger and deeper, thanks to a particular gradation and skilful trick of make up artists?

• For a touch of mystery add a thin line of eyeliner to the outer edge of the eye.


This make up trick is called smokey-eyes.
It is generally declined in shades of black or brown, and sometimes composed of mix of other colours. The shades vary depending on the situation – are you going to the office or an evening party.
How to get the smokey eye makeup